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KSh2,500 KSh2,200
Colors; Black, Beige, Green , Blue , Red

Adjustable Ceiling Broom

KSh1,050 KSh795
contoured shape and soft bristles to remove the dust and cobwebs from window screens and ceiling Telescopic handle

Black & Yellow Pedal Dustbin

KSh6,265 KSh5,995
80 Litres at Ksh 5995/- 100 Litres at Ksh 6895/-

Car portable vacuum cleaner

KSh2,499 KSh1,999
Available in orange and black MULTIFUNCTION: Dry &Wet Car Vacuum comes with 3 serviceable attachments and approx 14.7ft /4.5m power

Drying Rack Spiral Shaped Hanger

KSh595 KSh495
Can be used as a Rotating Quilt Storage Rack Used as a Drying Quilt Blanket Rack Either stainless steel or

Expandable Magic pocket hose pipe

KSh3,245 KSh2,995
30 Metres at Ksh 2995/=, 45 metres -Ksh 3495/=, 60 metres -Ksh 3995/- Cleans your cars, pets, windows, water your


KSh4,780 KSh4,500
For general Household uses like Car washing, lawn and flowers watering, pet cleaning, floor cleaning Can be powered by AC